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Are you experiencing any of the following problems? Loss of hearing or a feeling of fullness in the ears, missing parts of conversations. These are just some of the symptoms you may suffer from due to a build up of ear wax in your ears.

Ear wax in the ears is normal and provides the ear with a natural balance. There are many factors to cause ear wax to be a problem. As we get older the migration of ear wax slows down and can cause build up. Anything that is in the ear for long periods such as earphones and hearing aids can stop the natural flow of ear wax. Working in dusty or dirty environments can cause a build up in the ear. Even a fatty diet can have an impact on ear wax. Surfers ear is where small boney growth develop in the ear canal and prevent ear wax from migrating. Then there is the dreaded cotton buds which can push ear wax far back into the ear canal.

Ear assessment

An appointment with one of our experienced nurses will enable the practitioner to sign post you to where you need to go. Whether it be irritation, microsuction or further medical intervention. We will happily communicate with your GP with your consent. A thorough holistic assessment will take place, first of all starting with a discussion taking a past medical history. Then moving onto a physical assessment of the outer ear and then moving onto the inner ear. All findings will be communicated in the appointment.


Following a holistic assessment, if microsuction is required, this service is available at our clinic. Your safety is our priority and we operate to strict clinical guidelines. Microsuction is a safe and effective procedure where single use equipment and a gentle suction is used to remove ear wax from the ear canal.


In certain circumstances following assessment, irrigation may be the option for you. This is a safe and popular option. Irrigation continues to hold its place in Ear Care Clinics. With modern equipment, a gentle flow of water works around the ear wax to gently move the ear wax from the ear canal.